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Bespoke Candles is a big part of our business!




Weddings, weddings and weddings, we love a good wedding! If we can help, we will do our utmost to assist. For Wedding Favours there are many options for the budget conscious to the extravagant.


Corporate Gifts


From personalising candles for your wedding to partnering with big Corporates like Kilt Clothing, Sofitel and Saatchi and Saatchi. We have done it all.


Bespoke & Own Brands


We also work with Retailers to create their Own Brand, helping PR firms win awards and collaborating for corporate gifts. Not to mention all the amazing Florists and Wedding Stylist to Match colours and themes.



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Being a real Candlemaker is a dying art, but we have you covered.


Obviously the more lead time you can give us, the easier it is to work miracles. There is not much we can not do.


Email us today with your requirements and we will respond as fast as we can.