choix de parfume


perfumery traditional


Notre Vie revolutionised candle fragrances in NZ many years ago with our unique, sophisticated and innovative blends.  We replaced fragrances with Perfumes, specifically designed to blend with our wax formula and have recreated some of the world's most recognised perfumes with a unique twist. 

Chardonnay Rose

Top notes of colourful Tulips blended with crisp Chardonnay wine. A floral bouquet reminiscent of fresh picked red Rose Petals, Jasmine Blossom and Bitter Geranium.

Fleur de Linen

A surprise of red Tulips and Rose Bloom with notes of Jasmine and Gardenia. Snow-white flowers blended with a hint of fresh ripened Raspberry.


An Intoxicating mix of Tropical Floral fruit with Passion Fruit, Papaya, Mango, Jasmine, Cyclamen, and Musk twisted with fields of highly fragranced Tulips.

Cuban Havana

A rich blend of Musk, Patchouli and Tobacco, with spicy Cinnamon, Clove and Nutmeg blended with citrus top notes of Bergamot and Grapefruit.

Vanilla Bourbon

Absolute Vanilla followed with caramel and black raspberry to create an indulgent rich aroma. Dark and creamy with an overwhelmingly sweet, buttery depth to create this sensuous and irresistible perfume



 Candles can be produced with no perfume added - on request.


Email us for any Custom Candle requirements.


perfumery parisian


The Parisian collection has been designed to capture that old world elegance the encapsulates all things that we love about Parisian Style.


These candles are a wax blend that includes beeswax to give it the gorgeous mustard-yellow look.




 Candles have their natural beeswax scent and are produced with no perfume added


Email us for any Custom Candle requirements.


perfumery saison


This collection was designed for its exterior patterned leather-look beauty, not for its fragrance.


But for the purpose of our online shoppers, we have provided an indication of the fragrance family each saison candle belongs to. We trust this assists with your purchasing decisions.


Elderflower & Gooseberry (with Orange label)

Top notes are gooseberry, lime and mandarin with mid notes of basil. Slight refreshing notes of the elderflower and thyme.

Family: Fruit

Vanilla & Rosewater (with Pink label)

Pure vanilla bourbon with a slight but noticeable top note of feshly picked rose petals.

Family: Vanilla

French Lime & Bergamot (with Lime label)

Citrus top notes of bergamot and lime blossom with an underlying grapefruit fragrance

Family: Citrus

Woodsage & Sea Salt (with Tiffany Blue label)

Deep base notes of musk followed by an intoxicating twist of sea salt. Floral, powdery and heady, mingling with the fragrance of the East Coast

Family: Musk/Floral



 These Candles can be produced with no perfume added - on request.


Email us for any Custom Candle requirements.